Title Processing

We provide the most effective and reliable title support available today. We are highly experienced in all types of transactions, including, but not limited to Refinance, Sale, Purchase, Short Sale, Foreclosure, REO, Deed-in-lieu, Relo, Reverse Mortgage and 1031 Exchange. Numerous issues can arise during the title process, especially since it involves multiple critical steps and adequate professional assistance. For instance, lack of manpower may cause delay to your closing services, it may also lead to a struggle to rush the completion of work, making it prone to errors. Poor quality professional assistance can also lead to myriad problems, as lack of knowledge of underwriting guidelines may affect possible claims. It is imperative to choose the right partner to assist with your title processing tasks.


NAX is experienced in all types of Title Software to complete a data entry
process. This service includes entering the information provided on the Sales
Contract and/or Title Request form or 1003/Loan Application directly into your software. We also conduct sales contract review for missing information and required addendums and supporting documents. (i.e. Copy of the EMD, Title Company (client) must be listed in the contract, confirming if rent back is present and post settlement occupancy agreement is attached, Home Warranty, etc.). Contract is also reviewed for required signatory (including initials) on each page of the document. We will double check to assure that all owners that appeared on record signed the contract. Also part of this service is to order the abstract from your preferred abstractor.


Our Title Commitment preparation process starts by reviewing the Title Search
documents thoroughly. Carefully reviewing chain of ownership to determine
any broken chain on title. Searching for additional requirements in connection to the current transaction in process. The Title Commitment is prepared in accordance to the information and documentation revealed in the Title Search/Abstract.


We will save the recorded document’s recording information into your system.
Our Policy Department verifies from the lender’s instruction (Lender’s Policy) to confirm that all conditions have been met. Policies are then generated and submitted ready for printing and mail out.

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