NAX’s HelocProtect™ Report contains the same standard information as a Property Report: ownership vesting, open mortgages, liens, full-recordable legal description but also is covered by an enhanced E&O coverage. This coverage is up to $500K per report and can be priced by tiers.

Loan requirements and program features:

  • FICO score of 600 or higher.
  • CLTV cannot exceed 100%(unless approved by the insurance company).
  • Offers complete protection against borrower fraud, identify theft, errors and omissions in recording the security instrument and undisclosed liens.

HelocProtect™ vs Uninsured Property Search

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    Uninsured Property Search

    • Lender’s staff responsible for clearing all un-discharged liens.
    • Only insured for errors and omissions and may only carry $1000-$15,000 worth of coverage.
    • Lender can wait 2-3 days for delivery of report.
    • Multiple vendors supplying these reports making billing reconciliation more difficult and time consuming.


    • HelocProtect Property Reports typically delivered within 24-48 hours.
    • HelocProtect covers lenders up to $500,000 per report against borrower fraud, identify theft, errors and omissions in recording the security instrument and undisclosed liens.
    • All property reports performed by vendor on a national basis, improving efficiency and costs.
    • Insurance only applies to closed loans.

    E&O Insurance Coverage information

    • Coverage provided by insurance company with an AM Best rating of A Excellent.
    • E&O Policy offering coverage from time of loan application through recordation – there are no “gaps” in the coverage.
    • Up to $500,0000 per mortgage agreement with no aggregate limit of liability.
    • Coverage follows the mortgage agreement and can be assigned to investors.
      • Federal Home Loan Bank accepts policy by way of assignment.
      • Term can be up to 30 years (cost varies).
    • Covers 1-4 family residential properties, condos, and investment properties.
    • No borrower affidavit required.
    • Foreclosure is not required for claim submission.


    • Master Policy coverage terms and policy limits—monthly loan closing data appended to master policy.
    • Cost impacted by length of term (up to 30 years), loan amount coverage ($100K-$500K), modification to FICO and depth of report.

    HelocProtect™ Services Overview

    • Services performed under an annual, renewable term.
    • Electronic ordering and delivery
      • Dedicated email or Web portal entry
      • Integration capabilities with Lender LOS
      • Electronic Data or XML for integration into document Prep programs
    • One-point of contact for report, recording and resolutions.
    • Blended national average rate range of $150to $195 including document –Property report, E&O insurance and recording
      • Excludes recording fees, taxes or special processing
    • Property Report Fees are billed for orders regardless of whether loan closes (average rate range of $50 to $75).

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